Pupil Deprivation Grant

What is the Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG)?

  The purpose of the PDG is to improve outcomes for learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM). It is intended to overcome the additional barriers that prevent learners from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their full potential.   At St Teilo’s, our plan for using the PDG is integrated into our school improvement plan (SIP), drawing on best practice, well-evidenced interventions and as part of a whole-school strategy.

How the grant is spent

  Our PDG spending focuses on two main themes:  

  • Academic intervention (for example, tutoring and small group teaching) in key areas
  • Wellbeing and support (for example, behaviour coaching and counselling) for pupils and families

  Our PDG is spent alongside another grant, the Educational Improvement Grant, in the following ways for 2018-19:  

  • English HLTA £20,289
  • ACE HLTA £31,530
  • Skills HLTA & TAs £53,433
  • Maths and English teaching £112,148
  • Family liaison £15,705
  • Behaviour support £47,700
  • Maths intervention £111,909
  • English Intervention £17,383
  • Safeguarding support £31,584

Further information

  To visit the Welsh Government website about the PDG, click here.   For further information about our school and its plan for spending the PDG, please click here or contact:   Mr A Lewis Business Manager St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School Circle Way East Cardiff CF23 9PD