Healing Spaces

We increase equity by ensuring that each space we encounter in our school is a healing space.



Healing spaces are comforting. This means that we are calm and patient, helping to make one another feel safe and secure. We notice when somebody is having a difficult time and we take a deep breath before responding.



Healing spaces are encouraging. This means that we demonstrate a belief in each other’s potential by helping to identify our gifts and talents. Spaces are motivating and help to build resilience and positive thinking.



Healing spaces are collaborative. This means that we work together towards common goals and try to understand one another’s perspectives. We ask for opinions when we make decisions and we use restorative approaches to resolve conflict.



Healing spaces are celebratory. This means that we foster self-esteem by providing affirmation and validation and praising effort and perseverance. Spaces are positive and characterised by ‘put-ups’ not ‘put-downs’.



Healing spaces involve attentively listening. This means that we focus on what we are hearing and are receptive to what others say. Listening attentively shows that we care and that other people’s thoughts matter.