Learning Spaces

We improve excellence by ensuring that each space we encounter in our school is a learning space.



Learning spaces are inspirational. This means that we celebrate the interesting, intriguing, amazing and surprising. Imagination is sparked when we use resources, displays and stories to stimulate creative effort and infuse one another with the wonders of life.



Learning spaces are informative. This means that a focus is given to sharing knowledge and experience with one another. Information gives us the power to make sound decisions, find solutions to new problems and act wisely.



Learning spaces are inquisitive. This means that we express our curiosity with a longing to understand – and be part of – the world. We gain deeper insights by asking questions and we broaden our perspective by listening to different points of view.



Learning spaces are provocative. This means that discussion, debate and a willingness to hear others’ arguments are valued. We earnestly welcome new information that contradicts our prior beliefs and ideas and do so with an open – and logical – mind.



Learning spaces promote participation. This means that we become fully involved in every aspect of school life and sustain the effort of study. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and are confident in asking for and receiving support.