Sacred Spaces

We deepen faith by ensuring that each space we encounter in our school is a sacred space.



Sacred spaces are welcoming. This means that, as we encounter a space in our school, kind words are exchanged. Our time and energy is shared with one another. Spaces are hospitable and characterised by ‘open hands, open hearts and open doors’.



Sacred spaces are reflective. This means that we take time to think purposefully and deeply about truth. Reflection allows us to look closely at our own lives and the lives of others, in our school and in our world.



Sacred spaces create a sense of belonging. This means that no person feels excluded or discouraged from playing a full part in the life of our school. Care is taken to include everyone, in particular the most vulnerable and those in need.



Sacred spaces are prayerful. This means that we practice stillness and we come to be at peace with ourselves and others. Spaces are contemplative and we enthusiastically receive the spiritual and the divine.



Sacred spaces are reverent. This means that we regard our school with deep and solemn respect. Spaces are enlightening and embrace the wonder and amazement of creation.