Continuing hot weather

As a consequence of forecasts for continuing hot weather, students are permitted to attend school in either their school uniform or their PE kit between Monday 25th June 2018 and Friday 13th July 2018 inclusive.

*Note that non-uniform is not permitted. Please support us by sending your child to school in EITHER their school uniform OR their school PE kit.*


Please ensure that your child follows our usual hot weather advice:

  • Be prepared
  • Wear a short sleeve shirt
  • Bring several bottles of water to school
  • If you need to fill a bottle, do it before school or during break or lunch (not during lessons)
  • Do not run around in the sun during break and lunch
  • Try to sit in the shade during break and lunch
  • In PE lessons, act sensibly
  • Charge your account so that you can purchase chilled drinks.


We advise that you freeze several bottles of water over night. During the day, the ice will melt giving you a good supply of chilled water to drink.