Disneyland Paris Trip

Statement from the Headteacher:

Disneyland Paris

Having carefully considered the evidence available to me, I have taken the decision to cancel this year’s trip to Disneyland Paris on 5 March 2020. Parents and carers will receive a refund in full and this cost will be met by the school. I know that many young people were looking forward to the St David’s Day celebrations at Disneyland Paris and will be disappointed by my decision. I would therefore like to explain why I consider this the correct thing to do.


The risk of infection


There is no reason to believe that the trip to Disneyland Paris would significantly increase the risk of infection by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, it is the case that tens of thousands of travellers visit Disneyland Paris each day making social distancing difficult, especially when standing in large queues. Children will also be expected to sleep in dormitories and will travel together by coach, meaning they will remain in close contact with others at all times.


The risk of disruption to travel


The likelihood of disruption to travel remains low. However, France’s education minister has closed schools and ordered a freeze on all school trips in the Oise region, approximately 35 miles north of Disneyland Paris. It is unknown, therefore, if further restrictions on travel may be put into place as the infection rate increases. Should an outbreak occur during the trip, there is a small risk that quarantines may be imposed which prevent children returning to the UK as planned.


The risk of disruption to learning


In the unlikely event that children are prevented from returning to the UK as planned, lessons at a critical point in the school year will be missed. Those due to travel in Year 10 are only a few school weeks away from beginning GCSE examinations. The implications of a returning student having contracted coronavirus are significant for the wider school population as we approach the summer examination season.


I have decided that, on balance, the benefits of proceeding with the trip to Disneyland Paris do not outweigh the risks, however small. This has been a difficult decision to make – and one which carries a significant financial penalty for the school – however I am minded to safeguard the health, wellbeing and learning of young people above all else. I would like to express my gratitude to parents, carers and pupils for their understanding and continued support.




Mr I Loynd