Learning from Home (Phase 3)

Bridging modules will help your child to prepare for studies in the next academic year.


Warm up

Recall previous knowledge, make new connections or take a peak at what’s to come. The warm up will usually be an online quiz with instant feedback.

Get set

An introduction to the module with a few, short tasks to complete. These activities build the foundation for the next stage.

Begin to run

New learning will be explored in greater depth. You may need to read a resource, visit a website or watch a video to deepen your understanding.

Overcome hurdles

Wrestle with ideas and concepts as you complete tasks to apply your learning in new or unknown contexts.

Final sprint

Undertake an assessment to consolidate your learning and test your understanding. The final sprint will usually be an online assignment.

Winner’s medal

Receive feedback and reflect on your performance.

All modules can be found on Hwb in the Phase 3 folder of the School Closure Class. If you require support to access Hwb, please email closurehelpline@stteilos.com