New York trip update

A decision has been taken by the school’s leadership team to cancel the trip to New York scheduled for October 2021. This trip was originally booked for October 2020 and has already been subject to a one-year delay.


Headteacher, Mr Loynd, said:

I know that my decision to cancel the New York trip will cause disappointment to some and relief to many. I wish to reassure students and their families that I have thought very deeply about the options available to us and, on the balance of the information available to me at this time, believe this to be the most prudent choice. I have given consideration to issues such as the requirement for testing, the potential for isolation after the trip, the merits of further delays and the possibility of restrictions on visits within New York itself. Above all things, I have made my decision in the interests of safety and the potential disruption to learning after a tumultuous year in education.


The cost of cancellation will be met by the school in full. This means that parents and carers will receive a full refund, including the non-refundable deposit. Cheques will be made available in September when the school reopens.


We wish to apologise for any disappointment caused. School trips are an integral part of a child’s development and it is these experiences which we remember into adulthood. However, the risks at this time outweigh the benefits and a further delay would be untenable. This decision is a costly one for the school and has not been taken lightly. It is our hope that the certainty brought about by this decision will prove helpful to families.


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