The ‘non-negotiables’

There are four areas towards which the school takes a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach. It is essential that all students, parents, visitors and staff adhere to the St Teilo’s Non-Negotiables in order that the school can be preserved as a place of safety, happiness and high performance.

The pupil promise

We require all pupils to pledge to be:



They will arrive on time and strive to meet deadline.


They will be equipped to learn and ready to meet their targets.


They will try their best and contribute to the life of the school.


They will show respect and follow instructions at all times.


They will wear the correct uniform and care for the school.


From time to time, some young people fall short of our expectations. When this happens, we need to put things right. Our classroom consequences are:


1. Formal warning

If you are not meeting one of our expectations, your teacher will warn you about your behaviour. When this happens, you can choose to change what you are doing. If you make the right choice, there will be no further sanction.


2. Yellow warning

If you don’t make the right choice, your teacher will issue a yellow warning and write your name on the board. This is your last chance to make a choice and change your behaviour. If you make the right choice, there will be no further sanction.


3. Red warning

Still misbehaving? Your teacher will issue a red warning and write your name on the board. This will be recorded in your planner and on the school system. Now you really need to make the right choice and change your behaviour.


4. Removal from room

If you still cannot meet our expectations, you will be asked to leave the room and sit with another class. You will automatically receive an after school detention as a result of the disruption to learning you have caused.


At stages 3 and 4, Directors of Study or Subject Leaders may be required to issue an after school detention. Detentions are held every day after school. Parents will be notified 24 hours in advance of a detention however can agree same-day detentions if they wish. Please note, detentions are non-negotiable.


In the most serious of cases, we may ask pupils to spend a day in the withdrawal room or an exclusion may be issued.


All pupils are issued with reward cards which they can fill by meeting our expectations every week. Full school attendance and the absence of any negative behaviour marks will gain pupils one signature on their reward card. When full, cards can be traded for rewards.