Examination advice

Your child’s exam timetable

Details of all your child’s exams will be published on their exam timetable, which is personal to them. Your child will be given a copy of their exam timetable shortly after half term in February or March. It is important that you check this carefully upon receipt to make sure that they have been entered for all the exams that you are expecting them to take. If you have any queries, you should contact us immediately.


The start time of every exam will be shown on the personal exam timetable. It is essential that pupils arrive outside the exam room and are ready to enter 15 minutes before the start of the exam. Students who arrive late for an exam will be allowed in to the exam at the school’s discretion. They may not be entitled to the full amount of time for the exam they are sitting and the awarding body may not accept their exam script.


It is very important that you make every effort to ensure your child attends all their exams. Hopefully students will be in good health throughout the exam period but, if any unforeseen circumstances arise which mean that you cannot get your child to school, it is essential that you contact the school immediately so that we can advise you of the best course of action.

During the exams

Stationery.  All students must remember to bring their own stationery to exams. These include black pens, pencils, rules, rubbers and a pencil sharpener, together with other equipment relevant to the exam being taken e.g. a calculator. These must be carried in a transparent pencil case or plastic bag. Borrowing from other candidates is not allowed. Supplies of stationery are held in exam rooms but these are limited and are for emergency use only.


Food and drink. Food is not allowed in the exam room unless special permission has been given. Students are allowed to take a drink of water into the exam. This must be in a clear plastic bottle and all labels must be removed.


Mobile phones and electronic devices. Please encourage your child to leave their mobile phone, MP3 player or any other electronic means of communication at home on the day of their exam. If brought to school, they can not be taken in to the exam room and must be switched off and kept in their bag in a separate area away from the exam room. The school can not accept responsibility for any loss/damage to such devices.