Inclement Weather

Current status: SCHOOL OPEN.

The school site has been inspected and the school will be OPEN as normal on 01 February 2019. Please remind children of the general adverse weather advice, below.

Weather updates

The Headteacher, in liaison with the local authority, monitors adverse weather warnings.  Updates will be made available:

  • Online at
  • On Twitter (@StTeilos)
  • By text message (for parents and staff)

General advice during adverse weather

  • Know where to go in the event of school closure and have an emergency number to contact parents/carers
  • Exercise caution and take full account for your own health and safety
  • Respect the health, safety and welfare of others
  • Wear appropriate footwear and warm clothing
  • Be very careful when moving to, around and from the school site
  • Stay on designated cleared pathways wherever possible
  • Do not carry unmanageable loads