Pastoral Care

Our aims

Our Wellbeing Team is dedicated to helping pupils achieve to the maximum of their potential. To this end, we aim to:

  • Be a principal point of contact for parents
  • Report academic attainment to students and parents
  • Facilitate daily collective worship
  • Provide guidance, cohesion and an educational vision
  • Help every student to set individual targets for improvement
  • Provide a rigorous mentoring programme
  • Provide coaching programmes for focus groups of students
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality
  • Oversee the school’s Relationships for Learning strategy
  • Monitor students’ learning diet through pupil trails and book scrutiny
  • Liaise with other agencies (see below).

Here to help

Sometimes students and their families need extra support. We aim to help by:

  • Tackling bullying
  • Facilitating conflict resolution
  • Handling complaints
  • Liaising with the School Nurse, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Educational Welfare Officer, Specialist Teachers, Children’s Services,
  • Police and other agencies
  • Providing academic guidance
  • Managing behaviour positively
  • Monitoring students’ work and observing their lessons
  • Assist in the provision of additional or exceptional work.


Anybody who feels in need of some extra support should speak to their Form Tutor, Achievement Officer or Achievement Leader. We will always take your concerns seriously and treat matters sensitively.


Our school counsellors are available three days per week. Appointments are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and can be booked via our Safeguarding Officer or by self-referral. If you think you would benefit from speaking to  one of our counsellors, please ask your Form Tutor for more information.

Mentoring and coaching

For those young people experiencing barriers to learning, our Wellbeing Team offers a range of intervention programmes. These include support with:

  • Low self confidence
  • Self harm
  • Poor behaviour
  • Silly behaviour
  • Making friends
  • Organisation
  • Anger management
  • Restorative justice
  • Dealing with stress