“A puffins parcel made a big difference at a time of crisis and real darkness.”

How Puffins can help

We understand that families can go hungry for all sorts of reasons ranging from loss of work or ill health to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Puffin’s provides emergency access to fresh food for those in crisis and works alongside families in our community by providing:

  • An emergency fresh food Puffins parcel;
  • A slow cooker for you to keep;
  • A four-day supply of fresh ingredients and suggested menus for a period of six weeks;
  • Breakfast snacks to children who would otherwise go hungry; and
  • An emergency packed lunch for children whose families have hit crisis.


With the support of our friends from the Cardiff Breakfast Rotary Brekflex Group we also offer:

  • A backpack of nutritious food for children at risk of weekend hunger.


With the support of partner agencies, we are able to:

  • Provide qualifying vouchers for Cardiff Foodbank;
  • Arrange access to organisations who provide white goods and household items; and
  • Signpost to other food services for ongoing support.


We can even help with:

  • Providing good quality school uniform and equipment for those in need; and
  • Offering an ‘Encouragement Box’ to those who need reminding that they are loved.

Contact us today

If you would like to know more about Puffins and the support we can provide then email us at puffins@stteilos.com or telephone 029 20547180 and ask for Puffins.

“Puffins are welcoming and understanding and we have been overwhelmed by their kind and generous support”.

About Puffins

Puffins was the vision of Ellie Williams, our previous Head of English. Ellie believed God was calling St Teilo’s to provide practical support for families who found themselves in immediate crisis. It was her firm conviction that no family should have to go hungry or be forced to face a crisis on their own. Ellie’s vision was of a pantry that would be there to support our families in practical ways. Ellie sadly died of cancer at the age of 37 in December 2019. Puffins is our way of capturing her kindness and honouring her desire to see our young people flourish.


We are a new initiative and will do all we can to mitigate the effects of austerity and hardship in our community; we aim to support our children and their families with dignity and hope.


Why ‘Puffins’? Ellie never wanted the pantry to be named after her.  She loved the outdoors and she particularly loved Puffins because of their sociability, colourfulness and their life-long faithfulness to one another. ‘Puffins’ seemed an apt name to give to this provision and we know that Ellie would have approved!

How Puffins is funded

Puffins was initially funded through donations made at Ellie’s funeral. The on-going funding of our work is through the monthly giving of staff at our school. We also work closely with Morrisons who support Puffins with subsidised fresh produce. The Cardiff Breakfast Rotary Brekflex Group also support us by funding and preparing our backpack provision.


If you would like to help us make sure that none of our families go hungry, then gifts of financial support, time, business partnership and food would make a real difference.

“You are loved with an everlasting love and God embraces you with unfailing kindness”. (Jeremiah 31:3)

Further information

Puffins is an initiative by St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School.  For more information, please contact the school by telephoning 029 20547180 and asking for Puffins.