Safe, happy and well

Our improvement journey continues with the introduction of the new St Teilo’s Non-Negotiables 2017. Headteacher, Ceri Weatherall, says:


It is my ambition for the school to continue to grow from strength to strength and this means constantly reviewing and improving our practice. I have listened carefully to children, parents, carers, staff and governors about the things we need to do better to keep pupils safe, well and achieving.


There are four areas, in particular, that I would like to address in the coming months. I am calling these our ‘non-negotiables’ and I would ask that we all work collectively to help improve the school experience for students.


Young people and their parents want the opportunity to attend a school that is characterised by fairness, civility, inclusivity and high expectations. We can only achieve this together by adhering to the rules and regulations which are designed to keep everybody safe and learning.