School Restart FAQs

School Restart: March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

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What days will my child attend?

Pupils in Years 7-11 will attend on a ‘one day on, one day off’ basis. Timetables have been emailed to their school email accounts. Pupils in Years 12-13 will return to school as normal.

Will school transport be running?

Yes. Please remember that face coverings are mandatory on transport and bus passes will need to be shown. Pupils should sit apart, maintaining social distance, and in Year Group order.

What are the timings of the day?

The usual timings will be in operation. Arrival by 8.30am ready for Lesson 1 at 8.40am, with the day finishing between 3.00pm and 3.05pm.

Will PE lessons be running?

Yes. Pupils should attend in PE kit as usual on these days.

Is school uniform required?

Yes. We want to promote ‘normality’ as far as we are able. If your child has outgrown their uniform, they can choose to wear PE kit instead.

My child wants to be with certain friends. Can they swap their days?

No. We understand the importance of friendship but there are many factors to consider. Above all else, numbers have been carefully planned to keep the school community safe.

Will my child have to wear a face mask in school?

Yes. The Welsh Government position on this matter is clear. Where physical distance cannot be maintained, the use of face coverings is strongly recommended. Whilst we cannot mandate the use of face coverings, we appeal strongly to one’s sense of responsibility for the wider community and of care for one’s neighbour.

Will masks be worn in lessons?

If distance cannot be maintained, yes. Luckily, our school day is designed with very regular breaks.

What does my child need to bring to school?

As always, a school bag with classroom equipment, packed lunch, drinking water and hand sanitiser. Pupils should also bring their learning files.

Where will lunch be eaten?

As before, children can eat inside a designated classroom within their zone or in their picnic area outside. Face coverings can be removed when eating or when outside.

What will happen if my child chooses to attend on the wrong day?

Unfortunately, we will ask you child to wait in reception until you can collect them. Numbers on site must be carefully managed and children must only attend on their designated day.

Will my child be following their timetable while they are in school?

Yes. Your child will follow their normal school timetable while they are in school. In lessons they will be taught content that will help them with their half-termly assessment. On their days at home, they will complete half-termly assessments via Hwb.

Will there be a full return after the Easter break?

An announcement has not yet been made. When we know, the Headteacher will write to you.

Do assessments this term count towards Centre-Determined Grades?

No. We will share an assessment plan with you once we have received final guidance.

What is happening with Lateral Flow tests?

Pupils in Years 10-13 will be periodically provided with Lateral Flow Devices to test themselves at home. The use of Lateral Flow Tests is strongly encouraged. Information will be sent separately about this.

Can pupils in Years 12 and 13 ‘come and go’?

Yes. Pupils who do not have lessons can leave the site to keep the overall population low.

Will children be able to play with one another at break time?

Yes. The usual arrangements will apply. Children can remain in their zone, picnic area or access the MUGA or Astroturf by arrangement.

Does my child need to return the laptop we have borrowed?

Not at this time. We’d like you to hold onto that device for now to support our blended learning approach.

A member of my family is shielding. Should my child come to school?

The advice provided by the Welsh Government is that children are safe to return to the controlled environment of school, even if a family member is shielding. If you have concerns, please email the Headteacher.

What will my child do on their days at home?

After each set of lessons in school, there will be assessments to complete online from home the next day. This means that those restarting school on Tuesday 16th March will have no work to do on Monday 15th March but assessments to complete on Saturday 27th March.

I’m not comfortable sending my child back to school. Can they continue to learn from home?

The improving public health situation means children can now safely return to school in a controlled and flexible way. If you are concerned, please reach out to the Headteacher. If you choose to keep your child at home, there will be no additional work set. Teachers will be in school every day teaching in classrooms.

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