The power of life and death…


Do you ever think about the words you use? Do you use your words positively? Do they build other people up or bring them down? The Bible says in Proverbs that ‘the power of life and death is in the tongue’. In other words, our words have great power. By using them positively we can actually bring life to people. The word ‘encourage’ literally means to put strength or life into something. Our words of encouragement to others can actually bring life! The opposite is also true.


So in our school community let’s be members who bring life to the people around us by the positive and encouraging words we speak.

Vision: Do you have it? You need it!


We all need a vision for our lives. Vision helps us to see where we are going and how to get there. We needed vision to see our new school, what it could and should be. Each step of its development is in line with the vision for how it should be when completed. You could say that our own lives are similar. To build something of value and something that lasts needs a vision. The saying goes ‘if you aim for nothing you will hit it’. As we go through life we should develop a vision for how we want our lives to be.


A vision can keep us going when times are tough. The Bible says in the book of Proverbs, ‘Where there is no vision the people perish’ [or the people cast off restraint]. In other words a vision can help to sustain life and keep us on track.


So do you have a vision for your life?

Do you want one?

Ask God to reveal his vision for your life.