Adverse Weather

Excessive heat

Very high temperatures can affect the ability pupils to concentrate and can cause physical discomfort and illness. Our building, in particular, can become extremely warm during the summer term.

St Teilo's will always take the necessary steps to keep children and young people safe, both indoors and outdoors. On hot days, we will:

  • Permit children to wear PE kit to school
  • Think carefully about the types of activities taking place in PE lessons
  • Consider the appropriateness of break time activities (such as basketball and football)
  • Allow teachers to move classes into cooler, vacant rooms
  • Open all doors and windows in the early morning to maximise ventilation and cool the building
  • Keep lights and as much electrical equipment as possible turned off
  • Ensure water is available throughout the day to refill bottles.

We ask parents and carers to:

  • Ensure that their child is in school uniform or school PE kit (and not any other summer clothing)
  • Provide a refillable water bottle for use throughout the day
  • Check that their child has used sunscreen before coming to school and has additional supplies in their bag.

We ask pupils to:

  • Only wear school uniform or school PE kit (and not any other summer clothing)
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Avoid rigorous activity, especially at break times
  • Stay in the shade where possible
  • Not to throw water or have water fights, as this causes a hazard and discomfort to others.

Cold weather and snow

On icy or snowy days, we will:

  • Make decisions about closing the school as early as possible and update parents
  • Ensure that the main paths on the school site are gritted
  • Heat the school well and keep windows and doors closed
  • Permit pupils to wear outdoor clothing while inside
  • Provide additional supervision at breaktimes to manage behaviour in the snow
  • Stay regularly in touch with the local authority and bus companies to predict incoming adverse weather.

We ask parents and carers to:

  • Make every effort to ensure their child attends school safely
  • Provide coat, hat and gloves to keep their child warm
  • Remind their child of the need for sensible play in the snow
  • Be patient, knowing that buses may be late and decision making may change
  • Regularly check the website for updates.

We ask pupils to:

  • Make every effort to come to school safely
  • Dress in uniform but with additional layers such as coat, hat and gloves
  • Play sensibly in the snow and only with those who want to join in
  • Follow staff instructions immediately and with good grace to help us keep everybody safe.

Should you have any questions about the school's management of adverse weather, please contact us.