School catering

School catering is provided by Chartwells. The service is cashless and accounts are managed online via ParentPay. The school provides parents and carers with an account activation code. Once received, parents and carers must sign into their account to make payments online.

ParentPay Login

We believe in making nutritious food accessible to every student, as we know that mealtimes are a vital ingredient in delivering outstanding education experiences and the development of crucial social skills.

Online payments

There are a number of advantages to cashless catering systems managed online.


  • ParentPay is used by over 11,000 schools in the UK
  • Over 4 million parents use ParentPay to make secure payments

Safe and Secure

  • Removing cash from school helps keep pupils safe
  • Your money is guaranteed to be spent on what it was intended for

Convenient and transparent

  • Paying online provides flexibility for parents and carers
  • Payments can also be made via PayPoint

Ethical considerations

We are dependent on God for everything and St Teilo's is thankful for all that God has provided. When Jesus fed the five thousand he did so with spiritual food and physical food. We seek to feed our bodies with the same care that we feed our souls.

Our community has diverse physical, cultural and financial needs. We hope to respond to these needs sensitively, with wellness and solidarity as the primary aims:

  • Our kitchens are nut-free.
  • Where possible, all meat is halal.
  • Equal value is placed on vegetarian meals.
  • Meals are full and balanced.
  • Water is the only drink available and is free.
  • Money cannot be spent on snacks or junk food.
  • Where possible, allergens are avoided.

The school has a limited influence on some catering matters and must be compliant with the Healthy Eating in Schools (Wales) Measure 2009. If you have a view you wish to share, please contact us.


There are many advantages to the use of biometrics to manage cashless systems:

  • Improving dignity for children in receipt of free school meals.
  • No need for young people to carry cash, which can be lost, stolen or misspent.
  • Reduction in queuing time.
  • Better monitoring to reduce food waste.

There are also legitimate concerns about the use of biometric data, therefore:

  • Data security is given a high priority in the school and local authority.
  • No biometric (fingerprint) images will ever be stored or retained.
  • Information will not be sold, distributed or leased to any third party.
  • All children retain a legal opt-out right.

You can read more about biometrics here and more about privacy here.