The Company of St Edeyrn

St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School is generously and wonderfully served by staff, governors, students, parents, carers and others who give selflessly of their time, energy and skills to uphold the life and mission of the school. The Company of St Edeyrn recognises those in the community of St Teilo’s who have given distinguished service.

Nominees for admission to The Company of St Edeyrn ('Companions') are selected annually by the serving Headteacher of the school. In addition, a very small number of nominees are further put forward to become ‘Fellows’ of The Company. Fellows have contributed, in particular, to the spiritual life of the school and stand apart for their unwavering contribution.

About St Edeyrn

Saint Edeyrn of Wales (c. 6th century), brother to Saints Aerdeyrn and Elldeyrn, was related to Vortigern and the royal house of Powys. Edeyrn is the patron saint of Lannédern in France and Llanedeyrn in Cardiff, where he founded a monastery of over 300 people.

Legend holds Edeyrn was a companion of King Arthur, before moving to France where he became a hermit. Being from the family of Vortigen, however, would make a relationship with King Arthur unlikely.

Edeyrn is remembered in churches across Wales and Brittany. He is often depicted riding a stag and his feast day is 6 January.

The Company


The Right Reverend Mary Stallard, 73rd Bishop of Llandaff (2023-present)

The Right Reverend June Osborne, 72nd Bishop of Llandaff (2021-2022)

Founding Fellows

Canon Ian Loynd, Headteacher

The Reverend Gareth Rayner-Williams, School Priest

Canon Ceri Weatherall, Headteacher


Mrs Kath Jordan, Fellow

Dr Christine Taylor, Fellow

Mrs Christine Webb, Fellow

Mrs Tracey Anderson-Hill, Companion

Miss Sarah Griffiths, Companion

Miss Michelle Matthews, Companion

Mrs Jo Phillips, Companion

Mrs Rebecca Pitt, Companion

Mrs Amy Williams, Companion


Mrs Nicola Chorbadjian, Fellow

The Reverend Canon Stewart Lisk, Associate Fellow

Mrs Karen Evans, Companion

Mrs Rachel Jones, Companion

Mrs Nicola Kendall, Companion

Mrs Lindsey Longden, Companion

Mrs Jayne Martinson, Companion

Mrs Natalie Neill, Companion

Miss Eguono Oneyibo, Companion

Miss Ive Oneyibo, Companion

Mr Tom Walker, Associate Companion

Mr Eddie Gwilliam, Associate Companion


The Reverend James Henley, Fellow

Mr Steven Erickson, Companion

Mrs Leah Hill, , Companion

Mr Richard Jones, Companion

Mr Andrew Lewis, Companion

Mr Edryd Lewis, Companion

Mrs Karen Payne, Companion

Miss Emily Penson, Companion