School transport

School transport is provided by Cardiff Council. St Teilo's is serviced by a combination of contracted and commercially operated school bus services and you will need to discuss your individual circumstances with the school transport team.

Make every journey a good one. Stick to the Travel Code.

Travel behaviour code

The Wales Travel Behaviour Code sets out the expectations for conduct when travelling to and from school.

  • When the bus arrives, wait for it to stop before boarding
  • Get on and off the bus carefully – pushing or rushing can cause accidents
  • Always wear your seat belt and stay in your seat for the whole journey – it could save your life
  • On a school bus, stay in your seat for the whole journey
  • On a public bus, find a seat if one is available
  • Store your bag or other belongings safely and out of anyone’s way
  • Let the driver drive without distraction during the journey
  • Take care of the bus
  • Never spit or smoke or vape
  • Never be rude to other learners or the driver
  • Never interfere with driver controls or safety equipment
  • Never throw anything in or from the bus
  • Only operate the bus doors or exits in an emergency and don’t get off the bus until it has stopped
  • Always follow the instructions of the driver or passenger assistant
  • If there is an accident, stay on the bus until you are told to leave – but leave the bus by the safest exit if it is unsafe to stay on the bus
  • When crossing the road find a safe place where you can be seen by all other drivers
  • Tell a teacher, parent or driver about any bad behaviour you see

You can download the code below:

Wales Travel Behaviour Code

Further information and advice

Should you have any queries about school transport, please contact Cardiff Council directly using the link below or by telephoning 02920872808​.

Contact the school transport team