1. Attend the Year 6 Open Evening from 6pm on Thursday 12 October 2023

2. Read the 'Notes for Parents and Carers' available at

3. Register five school preferences at ‘Schools Admissions Online’ by visiting before the deadline.

4. Complete this supplementary online admissions form before the deadline.

5. Provide all necessary supporting evidence in hard copy to the school before the deadline.

6. Ensure that you regularly check your email. The school will use the email address you supply to keep in touch with you about your application.



Applicants must first read the 'Notes for Parents and Carers' available at


It is important that you use a current, valid email address. We will use this email address to keep you updated about the status of your application.

Your family

Address of child

This must be the address where the child lives for the majority of the time.

Sex of child *

The term ‘sibling’ includes: a biological brother/sister; a half-brother/sister; a step-brother/sister; an adopted brother/sister; or a fostered brother/sister.

Corporate parenting

Is the child a Looked After Child or previously Looked After Child? *
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Special need

Does the child have a special educational or medical need?

If you select 'Yes' you must provide in hard copy to the school supporting evidence from a medical consultant, social work manager or educational psychologist dated no more than six months prior to the application submission date. If you do not provide supporting evidence it may delay the processing of your application. Supporting evidence must be received by the school before the application deadline. This evidence must explain (i) what specific difficulties the child has, (ii) why St Teilo’s is the most suitable school and (iii) the difficulties that would be caused by attending another school. The Governors do not take into account scholastic ability so letters of support from existing headteachers are not required. Letters from General Practitioners are unlikely to be sufficient to demonstrate compelling medical need.

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Type of application

Are you applying for a Foundation place or Open place? *

By selecting 'Foundation' you are applying for a faith-based place. It also means that you confirm that you and your child regularly attend a place of worship or that your child attends a Church in Wales primary school. By selecting 'Open' you are confirming that you do not want to apply for a Foundation place.


You are able to skip this section if you are applying on the sole basis of your child attending a Church in Wales primary school.

Address of place of worship

Your priest, minister or faith leader will be asked to verify the information you have provided at a later date.

How frequently does your child attend this place of worship?

If your child attends the place of worship alone, please state this.

Is the child baptised (christened)?

If a parent is found to have knowingly given false or misleading information to obtain the offer of a place to which their child would not otherwise have been entitled, the offer or the place may be withdrawn.

Parents who knowingly give false information in order to obtain the advantage of a particular school for their child, to which they otherwise would not be entitled, may render themselves guilty of an offence under Section 5(b) of the Perjury Act 1911.

Please check your junk or spam email folder after submitting your application to ensure you have received confirmation of receipt.

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