New catering services

St Teilo's is delighted to welcome Chartwells as our new catering service provider. Chartwells is the UK's leading school catering company that seeks to inspire healthy, sustainable behaviours that last a lifetime.

We believe in making nutritious food accessible to every student, as we know that mealtimes are a vital ingredient in delivering outstanding education experiences and the development of crucial social skills.

Our caterers will use this half term as a 'bedding in' period and, week by week, modify the service to improve quality, choice and value for money. We ask for your understanding and patience as we trial new approaches and gain feedback from students.

For now, there will remain one tariff only: £3.20 for a main meal. As we develop the service, variable tariff's will be introduced to widen choice and cater for different tastes.

Yes. There is a range of vegetarian options available every day. Many meal choices will also cater for vegan diets.

As always, if you have successfully applied for free school meals your child's account will be credited with £3.20 each day. To find out more about free school meals, or apply online, click here.

For Muslims, the school's largest religious group, meat will be halal. When pork is used in a main meal, a halal alternative will be available. For Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs, a range of vegetarian meals and alternatives to beef, for example, will be available. For Jews, there are currently no arrangements for kosher meat or fish but a wide choice of alternative meals will be available. If you would like to discuss a particular religious dietary need, we would be very happy to accommodate your child's requirements. Simply contact us.

Allergens are shown on menus and allergen charts are available at the counter. Our kitchen remains 'nut-free' (no nuts or nut containing products are used at any time). You can find our more about medical diets here.

Ours is a cashless school. Parents and carers must charge their child's account online using a debit or credit card here. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here. Make sure that you have reconciled any debt and that your child always has a healthy balance available for use. Note that it can take up to 24 hours for a new balanced to be transferred from ParentPay to the school.

Of course! We cannot offer an 'overdraft' for those with no money left in their accounts, however we always retain a stock of food and snacks for those that need it. If your child has no money, they should speak to a member of the Wellbeing Team or to a duty member of school staff (the caterers themselves will be unable to assist).

We continue to offer a free breakfast club before school, served from the common room in ACE. The first break is from 10.35am to 11.10am and main meals can be bought. The second break is from 1.05pm to 1.40pm and the full menu (including plated options) is available at this time.

Yes. There are two large 'hydration stations' available during the breaks offering a variety of free water (including options naturally flavoured with fruit). All our drinks are free of charge and children can help themselves to as much as they want (including filling drinking bottles).

St Teilo's is a ‘no cash’ school. The cashless system is operated biometrically, using a thumb or finger print. Importantly, no image of the fingerprint is retained which is why almost all of our children use this system. Cashless catering systems are therefore safe, secure, fast and easy. You can find out all about the use of biometrics here. For those who have not given consent, a card will be issued for students to use instead of their fingerprint. It is important that efforts are made not to lose the card.

This is another exciting moment in the life of the school and we look forward to hearing from young people, their families and teachers about how to improve our service in the coming weeks. The menu for the first three weeks is included, below, as an illustration of the initial food offer.

Sample menu

If you have any questions or queries, please do contact us.