Flu vaccines

The school immunisation team will visit St Teilo's on 12 December 2023 to offer children a nasal spray flu vaccine. The NHS recommends all eligible children should have a flu vaccination every year. You'll find some information about the vaccine on this page.

To enable your child to take part, you will need to provide your consent before 5 December 2023. You can do this using the link below. You can select your preferred language - Welsh or English - using the tab at the top of the consent page.

It’s very important to protect your child from flu to make sure they stay as healthy as possible, as both COVID-19 and flu are likely to circulate this winter. The best flu vaccine for most children is a nasal spray. This is the vaccine that will be given in school on the day.

Provide your consent online now

Help keep your child well this winter – make sure they have their flu vaccine.

If you want more information about flu vaccination for children, please email the School Immunisation Team, or phone NHS 111 Wales, or visit the Public Health Wales website. 

After you have completed the e-consent form, please contact the School Immunisation Team on 02920 907661/664 if:

  • there are any changes to your child’s health, or
  • their asthma medication is increased, or
  • they are prescribed oral steroids, or
  • they become wheezy.

Flu Nasal Spray Information Leaflet

    If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.