School transport update

Adventure Travel (R series) routes

Adventure Travel wishes to remind parents and carers that all pupils should have a physical pass to access buses. Drivers have not been routinely checking passes but, from 8 April 2024, it is expected that daily checks will occur.

Photographs of passes will not longer be accepted.

You can find our more information about Adventure Travel bus services in Cardiff here.

Tickets can be purchased either by cash or contactless payment on the respective services or online as an Mticket through the Adventure Travel app.

Adventure Travel say, "All students must have a valid physical pass or means of payment to travel on our services. This will be checked by the drivers. Mtickets require data to be accessible when scanned to show a live ticket. If students receive a bus pass from Cardiff Council, they will be required to present the physical pass on every journey."

R612, R613, and R614 services

Cardiff Council, who procure and manage school transport, have advised that there will be a change in the service provider for the 612, 613, and 614 services (currently provided by Cardiff Bus) from 8 April 2024.

We are advised that Cardiff Bus notified the Council that these bus services would no longer be commercially viable when Welsh Government Emergency Bus Transition Funding (BTF) support finishes on 31 March 2024, due to increased costs in the operating the bus services.

Cardiff Council's School Transport Team say, "The Welsh Government confirmed on 30 January 2024 that they will be replacing the BTF with a new Bus Network Grant funding allocation. This funding will enable Local Authorities to contract and support socially necessary bus services for their areas in line with the requirements under Section 63 of the Transport Act 1985 from 1 April 2024 onwards.

Council Officers therefore undertook a tender exercise for all bus services impacted by the withdrawal of the Welsh Government Emergency BTF Support, where the bus operators indicated the bus services were no longer commercially viable for them to operate, due to increased operating costs and on non-school bus services reduced passenger numbers."

Adventure Travel have now been awarded the contracts to operate the 612, 613 and 614 school bus services to St Teilo’s.

The bus services for the 612 and 613 will operate along the same route, stops and times as the current bus services operate. 

The 614 will operate a similar route through Adamsdown and Splott but has been extended to accommodate students for Ysgol Bro Edern as well. You can download the new route below.

Pupils using the Adventure Travel 612, 613 and 614 bus services to school will see an increase in costs as the fares charged by Adventure Travel are different to the current fares charged by Cardiff Bus. These will be:

  • Single - £2.30
  • Return - £3.60
  • Weekly - £17.50

Further information can be found on Adventure Travel's website or by telephoning 02920442040.

Note: Those pupils that are in receipt of free transport and already have a bus pass issued by Cardiff Council School Transport team can continue to use their current bus pass and are not required to swap it for a new one.

Those that have already purchased tickets from Cardiff Bus should speak to them directly if their pass is an annual one. All other passes can be used on other Cardiff Bus Services.

Cardiff Council's School Transport Team comment, "We appreciate that an increase in price is not ideal, however this is in line with all other Adventure Travel school bus services provided across the city and is not in anyway decided by, or affected by, Council Officers."

You can visit Cardiff Council's school transport webpages here.

Further information

The school has no oversight or management of school transport, the responsibility for which belongs with Cardiff Council.

If you would like further information, please contact Cardiff Council School Transport team.

For timetables and fares for Adventure Travel services, please visit the Adventure Travel website.

For all other enquiries, please contact us.