Eid Mubarak!

From the Headteacher

I pray that my Muslim brothers and sisters have been spiritually refreshed during this holy month of Ramadan. Following today's announcement that Eid ul Fitr 2024 will take place on Wednesday 10th April, I thought it might be helpful to clarify the school's position on religious observance and school attendance.

Eid has been 'exclusively set apart' and, as an inclusive and loving Christian school that values the contribution of other faiths, we support families who wish to celebrate during term time.

In accordance with Welsh Government guidance, St Teilo's is committed to authorising one day of leave for Eid ul Fitr using the statutory 'R' code. Please do be sure to report your child's absence to us online in the usual way to benefit from such authorised leave.

Many Muslim families choose this special time of celebration to visit loved ones elsewhere in the UK. With regret, we will not authorise further days of absence however we do not issue penalties or consequences should additional days be taken.

I have set out our position on religious observance in more detail below, should you wish to know more.

I send you the warmest greetings as you celebrate and pray that you will know God's blessings this Eid.

Canon I Loynd, Headteacher

May the God of mercy and love help us to walk the path of goodness and compassion, now and always.

Religious observance and school attendance

St Teilo's rejoices in its commitment to ecumenism and inter-faith understanding. As we seek to grow closer to people of all faiths and none through worship and service to the community, we thank God for the special gifts we have to offer one another.

The school will consider all applications made by parents or carers for their child to receive an authorised absence of one school day for religious observance. Requests will be treated with sensitivity and considered carefully and fairly.

Absences will only be authorised for a date 'exclusively set apart by a religious body' and time will not be authorised in lieu should such a date fall on a weekend or during a school holiday.

The school recognises that within some religious traditions, observance varies between different denominations and communities. Our decision making will be as person-centred as possible as and it will be our assumption that requests are genuine and reasonable.

For Muslims, in particular, the school accepts that families may rely on different authorities for the announcement of the start and end of Ramadan. Likewise, it is acknowledged that the moon-sighting preceding Eid means that families will only be able to request leave at short notice.

Best practice

St Teilo's encourages parents and carers to make requests for absence for the purpose of religious observance as early as possible using the school's online form. It is accepted that, for Muslims in particular, this may not be possible due to variations in the length of the lunar month.

As a Church in Wales school, efforts will be made for appropriate provision for the needs of religiously observant children by allocating a prayer space or quiet room, for example.

The school will remain in dialogue with local religious groups and will seek advice, when needed, from appropriate religious bodies.

Attention will be given, as far as is reasonable practicable, to take steps to ensure that events in school do not clash with days of significant religious importance for children and their families.

Families are encouraged to contact us with any questions, queries or concerns.