Wellbeing Fayre 2024

On Thursday 9 May 2024, the school will host partners from a range of organisations, charities and faith groups who specialise in supporting young people’s wellbeing. Throughout the day, children will be able to access the Wellbeing Fayre to learn more about the support available to them within school and their local communities.

We would like to extend an invitation to parents and carers to visit the Wellbeing Fayre between 3.30pm and 4.00pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about how to support your child's emotional health and wellbeing.

Some of our exhibiting partners include:

  • Cardiff City Foundation: specialists in youth engagement through sport
  • Heads Above the Waves: a not-for-profit organisation who support people who struggle with their emotional wellbeing or self-injury
  • Sexual Health Outreach Team (YMCA): specialists in healthy relationships
  • The Amber Project: specialists in supporting young people with low emotional wellbeing or self-injury
  • Platfform, The Hangout: emotional health specialists, who are commissioned by the NHS to provide early support for young people
  • Media Academy Cymru: a creative organisation that utilises media to divert young people from low level criminality, exploitation or poor decision making
  • Meic: a helpline service that listens to young people, providing advice and support on any topic
  • Ethic Youth Support Team (EYST): who provide a range of support and services that are culturally sensitive, with a focus on supporting young BME people
  • Cardiff Youth Service: who work with young people to provide a safe space and enriching opportunities, with a focus on personal, social and educational development
  • City Hospice: specialists in support for those who are bereaved or those who care for the seriously ill
  • Cardiff and Vale Drug and Alcohol Service: specialists in any drug or alcohol related issues, providing advice and guidance without judgement
  • Cardiff Women’s Aid: specialists in supporting young people or women who have been witness to, or subject of, domestic abuse
  • The School Nursing Team and In Reach Team: who work with young people in a clinical capacity to provide support and guidance, as well as accessing other key services within the health sector
  • Local Faith Youth Groups: who all offer a range of activities within their faith settings for young people to access
  • Neighbourhood Policing Team: who support young people in the community, keeping them safe from crime

We look forward to seeing you there!