Year 11 Study Leave

Year 11 Study Leave commences on Monday 22 May 2023. This means:

  • Students are permitted to remain at home to revise should they so wish. They may attend for examinations arriving in good time and gathering outside the main hall.
  • Teachers will be available in their classrooms for those who wish to attend lessons until Friday 26 May 2023. If students wish to come to school they should do so in their uniform and for the whole day (they cannot 'come and go').
  • Expectations for punctuality, uniform and behaviour remain. If students attend examinations late, out of uniform or with disruptive behaviour, they may not be permitted entry.
  • Teachers can be contacted by email after the half term break with any questions. Students can access all teacher emails through their school email accounts (accessible here).

Remember, you'll find some useful information about examinations and revision here.

The first celebration

Teachers and students celebrated together on Friday 19 May 2023 to mark the first of several celebrations. Shirts and books were signed, sweet treats eaten (the ice cream van was very popular!), photos from the past five years shared and many, many selfies taken!

This was a celebration - not a farewell. Examinations now continue apace and all the usual school support structures and expectations remain.

The prom

Once examinations are complete, we'll celebrate with Year 11 once more at the prom. You can read all about the prom here. Remember, that attendance to prom is a privilege not a right - so continued excellent punctuality, attendance and behaviour is a must.

The plans for prom are coming together well and we are very excited to celebrate with you!

Questions during the examination season

Should you have any further queries, please keep in touch with Mrs Williams or Mr Loynd. You'll find important dates here.

Most importantly, we will be enrolling students to the Sixth Form on Thursday 24 August 2023, when they collect their results.